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The Magnetic Customer Service System is an interactive process of us understanding what is important to your company or organization in regards to service levels and best practices. With that information we customize our approach to working with your Team Leaders and Team Members to help everyone “get on the same page” in regards to how Customer Service is delivered throughout your entire organization.

The overview of the two ½ day sessions are outline below. Prior to the sessions we will engage team members and leaders in answering questions to allow us to focus on specific Customer Service issues and opportunities that relate directly to your work environment and the situations that your team members will likely encounter.

Session 1: Magnetic Service & Creating Service Excellence

Self-Assessment reflecting on how you provide service currently
Magnetic Service- A Metaphor
Your organizations vision, mission and goals – customer service priorities

Understanding your Customers:

  • Who they are – internal & external and what they value
  • Their Perceptions, Expectations, Moments of Truth and Concerns
  • Diversity Challenges

Magnetic Service and Keys to Service Excellence

  • Your organizations Service Principles and Standards
  • Creating service excellence in person, over the phone, in written communication
  • Creating service excellence in your work environments

Action Planning and Preparing for Session 2

  • Considering Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

Session 2: Putting Magnetic Service Excellence into Action

Self-Assessment reflecting on your own personal service standards
Analyzing Core services and cycles, discussion about processes and policies

Learning, Preparation and Practice on how to Deal with Service Dilemmas

  • Learning from Customers
  • Strategies for Communication – De-escalation Techniques- Resolving Issues
  • Proactive approaches to conflict resolution

Creating a Service Excellence Work Environment

  • Ensuring Service Excellence as a team
  • Using Kaizen – the art of continuous improvement
  • Supporting each other and holding each other accountable

Being Ambassadors for your Organization

Tips for Keeping Magnetic Service Excellence Alive

Action Planning