Keldar Leadership

Focused On Your Success

This workshop can be a ½ day or full day depending on the depth you want to take it. We cover a number of Team Development models, do some hands on activity, review Personality Styles and then see what all of this means in conjunction with the goals that your organization has stated for the next 12 – 24 months. You will definitely have some clear actions coming out of this session.

We will review what your team needs and personalize the approach to what will create the most value for you. In advance of the workshop we will engage your team members in some pre – work that might include the completion of Personality Assessments, identifying challenges or opportunities or perhaps have all team members answer some specific question that needs to be explored in detail.

At the finish of the day, all team members will identify both Individual and Team actions that they believe will make a positive difference for both themselves and the full team.