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As part of the Leadership Development Program, we are utilizing different tools from Profiles International – Checkpoint 360 Degree Competency Feedback and Profiles Performance Indicator. Overall, this has been an excellent experience for our management group and has moved us in the right direction of being a cohesive group of leaders. We can hardly wait for next year when our front line supervisors will be attending the Leadership Development Program modules.

Testimonial #7

Thank you for presenting “People Problems: Solutions that will Work!” at the RFP Conference in Rocky! It was great to have a speaker of your talents at our Conference. I have heard many positive comments about your session.

Testimonial #6

With taking the Time Management Workshop it gave me the tools I needed to be successful in my new position. I found his methods very easy to follow, and showed me how to balance my work so that my day was not always in overdrive. Thank you Darel for the opportunity to be part of this workshop, and I look forward to attending future seminars.

Testimonial #5

Your clarity and direction was absolutely excellent. Thank you for the presentation on “Customer Service.” I know we all took thoughts and tools home with us to use immediately.

Testimonial #4

Darel, we appreciate your unique facilitation style, which is both supportive and mobilizing. As a result of the momentum built at our retreat our team has been propelled into action. In the winter, we plan to build on the outcomes of our visioning retreat as we come together again to zealously build our 5-year Sport & Wellness Team Business Plan. We look forward to a continued relationship as we continue to grow and develop as a high-performing team.

Testimonial #3

Darel shares quality information, using clear visuals, which helps his audiences easily understand the concepts or the ideas he is presenting. He has a natural, confident manner of speaking and quickly establishes rapport with any audience. I particularly appreciate the personal anecdotes and humor that are often part of Darel’s speeches. Darel knows about leadership and empathizes with his audience while challenging us to try something new. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Darel Baker speak, because I know I will learn something valuable about communication and leadership and I will enjoy myself in the process!”

Testimonial #2

The Keldar philosophy of integrity and its service of authentic and effective leadership development have led me not only to recommend Keldar as a training and consulting partner but to formally adopt them as my training provider of choice for my clients.

Testimonial #1