Keldar Leadership

Focused On Your Success


Through simulations, case studies, behaviour modeling, application exercises, group discussion and skill building team members walk away with advanced competencies.

  • Module 1: Principles of Leadership:
  • Module 2: Practices of Empowering Leaders:
  • Module 3: The Five Leadership Roles:
  • Module 4: Leadership Practices:  A Self-Assessment:
  • Module 5: Building Meaningful Conversations
  • Module 6: Fundamentals of High Performance Teams:
  • Module 7: Setting Performance Expectations:
  • Module 8: Empowering Others For Success


The cost will be $1600 + gst/person and includes an Everything DiSC Assessment.


If you:
  • Have a very small or very large number of participants you wish to take this program
  • Have individuals who might not be able to attend all modules of the program
  • Are looking for a customized program
  • Have any questions at all
Please contact us directly at