Keldar Leadership

Focused On Your Success

Making long term relationship sales is much more satisfying for the seller and the buyer versus a short term, one time event that leaves both sides wondering if there was a winner and a loser.  Really understanding what it is that your customer solves by applying your product or service as a solution is the key to long term success in sales.

This 8 module program will help your sales team develop an attitude of success and outline the steps and approach necessary for them to experience success on a long term basis.  Success sales is a process and not an event.

There are 8 modules in total – Click below to expand & read more.

Module 1 - What are we selling?

  • It’s the hole…not the drill bit!
  • Your buyers motivations…pain or pleasure?
  • What challenge does your product or service overcome?
  • What opportunities are created through your products or services?

Module 2 - Who are our customers?

  • What does our ideal customer look like?
  • Where do we find our ideal customers?
  • Why do they do business with us?
  • What percentage of their “wallet” do we have?
  • What do we need to improve to serve them better?

Module 3 - Booking the Sales appointment

  • What is the purpose of the sales call/meeting?
  • Who do you book the meeting with?
  • How do you determine the best time?
  • What value do you bring that makes them want to give up their time?
  • Where are your opportunities to get referrals to the decision maker?
  • How do you get the right people at the meeting?

Module 4 - Building confident relationships

  • Preparing for every meeting…learn about your client or prospect
  • Information gives you confidence…where do you require information?
  • How will you build relationships with the purchaser? With the company?
  • Giving them service before they are your customer
  • Becoming a “trusted advisor”
  • Learn how to do business from their perspective

Module 5 - Problem Solving as a way of selling

  • Learning your clients goals
  • What is getting in the way of achieving their goals
  • Define the problem/opportunity
  • Root causes and Alternative Solutions
  • Finding the Best Solution
  • Demonstrate why your solution is the right solution
  • How soon would they like to solve this

Module 6 - Getting agreement and Delivering the Solution

  • Not closing a deal but opening a relationship
  • The risks of “hard closes”
  • The risk of not “asking for the business”
  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Checking for understanding as to why this solution is the best one
  • Supporting the implementation through a servicing plan

Module 7 - Looking for Opportunity through Servicing the Account

  • Short term follow up to identify first impressions
  • What other problems do they have where you can help them?
  • Where are they expanding/changing/growing etc.
  • What things are they re-fitting/upgrading etc.
  • What things are your competitors providing to the customer that you could?
  • Building the relationship with Inside Sales and the Customer

Module 8 - Gaining referrals – Growing the Business!

  • How do you get paid?
  • The connection of their success and our success
  • What is the biggest compliment that a customer can pay you?
  • Why would they want to refer you?
  • What does a great referral look like?
  • How should you ask for a referral?
  • Who should you ask referrals from?